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8/18/2019 CPJ Basra police raids home, seeks arrest of Iraqi reporter Hassan Sabah The Committee to Protect Journalists today condemned the issuing of an arrest warrant and a raid on the home of Hassan Sabah, a reporter for the Iraqi news broadcaster INEWS, in Basra, and called on Iraqi authorities to allow journalists to work freely and without fear of retaliation for their reporting. On July 23, a police force consisting of Basra airport police officers and emergency regiments raided Sabah’s house in the southern Iraqi city of Basra seeking to arrest him, but he was not home, according to the National Union of Journalists in Iraq (NUJI), the local press freedom group the Press Freedom Advocacy Association in Iraq, and video footage and Facebook posts by Sabah. The police did not state the reason for the raid, according to the same reports and Sabah. https://cpj.org/2019/08/basra-police-raids-home-seeks-arrest-of-iraqi-repo.php
8/18/2019 BasNews US-led Coalition Complies with Iraq's New Airspace Order The US-led Coalition against the Islamic State (IS) said on Friday it immediately complies with the new airspace directive issued by Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi. The decision was made after senior leaders from Combined Joint Task Force-Operation Inherent Resolve met with the Iraqi Ministry of Defence officials to discuss the order. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/iraq/539856
8/18/2019 Kurdistan24 ISIS shells, attacks Kurdish village in Iraqi disputed territory Several mortar shells purportedly fired by Islamic State militants landed in a village in the disputed Iraqi district of Khanaqin on Saturday night as security forces and members of the terror group clashed nearby, local sources said. https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/7bf086ce-7803-4584-a951-9db36aafcf9e
8/18/2019 Kurdistan24 Car bombing in Syrian Kurdish city kills security force member, injures 2 more A suicide bombing killed a member of local security forces and injured and two others on Sunday in the Syrian Kurdish city of Qamishli (Qamishlo), located on the Turkish border. The incident occurred in the morning in front of a secondary school in Qamishlo’s al-Arbouya neighborhood, a part of the city still held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/602a74af-c841-45d2-8bfe-deb407d4ccd2
8/18/2019 KP ISIS releases identity of Kabul wedding hall bomber as Abu Asim Al-Pakistani The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing in West of Kabul city. The group issued a statement in Arabic that the attack was carried out by ISIS suicide bomber Abu Asim Al-Pakistani. The statement further added that the attack targeted a gathering of Mushrikeens, referring to victims as non-believers. https://www.khaama.com/isis-releases-identity-of-kabul-wedding-hall-bomber-as-abu-asim-al-pakistani-03686/
8/18/2019 Reuters Afghan wedding suicide blast kills 63, amid hopes for talks A suicide bomber killed 63 people and wounded 182 in an attack on a packed wedding reception in the Afghan capital on Saturday night, the interior ministry said, as violence shows no sign of easing despite hopes for a deal on a U.S. troop withdrawal. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-afghanistan-blast/afghan-wedding-suicide-blast-kills-63-wounds-182-ministry-idUSKCN1V70K6?feedType=RSS&feedName=worldNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Reuters%2FworldNews+%28Reuters+World+News%29&&rpc=401
8/14/2019 LATimes No deal yet in latest Afghanistan talks, but Trump planning big cuts in U.S. presence Another round of talks aimed at resolving nearly two decades of fighting in Afghanistan has ended without a deal, but the Trump administration is moving ahead regardless with plans to substantially cut the number of U.S. troops and diplomats in the conflicted country. An overly hasty downsizing of U.S. military, diplomatic and aid personnel could risk sacrificing some of the progress made in human rights and development, some experts warn — especially if no meaningful peace treaty is in place. At the same time, U.S. patience for America’s longest conflict is at an end. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-08-14/latest-afghanistan-talks-falter-but-trump-still-planning-a-big-cut-in-u-s-troops
8/14/2019 KP Key Taliban commanders among 15 killed in joint air, ground operations in Faryab The security forces have killed two key Taliban commanders during a joint operation which they conducted in Faryab province. The Special Operations Corps said in a statement that the Special Forces conducted a joint operation with the Air Forces in Aliabad Village of Gurziwan district in Faryab. https://www.khaama.com/key-taliban-commanders-among-15-killed-in-joint-air-ground-operations-in-faryab-03633/
8/14/2019 KP Afghan soldier miraculously survived after an RPG rocket pierced his thigh A soldier of the Afghan Local Police (ALP) forces miraculously survived after a Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher pierced his thigh and came out unexploded. Photographs shared social media purportedly show the RPG round piercing through the back of the thigh of the Afghan Local Police. The astonishing images, posted on social media websites in Afghanistan, show the Rocket Propelled Grenade round embedded in the back of the thigh of the soldier. https://www.khaama.com/afghan-soldier-miraculously-survived-after-an-rpg-rocket-pierced-his-thigh-03632/
8/13/2019 Kurdistan24 Iraqi forces kill 10 ISIS militants, arrest 5 in latest operation in Anbar desert Iraq’s anti-terrorism units killed 10 Islamic State militants and arrested five others during an operation on Tuesday in the Anbar desert. “According to accurate intelligence, and the continued tracking down of ISIS remnants, the first tactical unit, one of the forces of the Counter-Terrorism Service, carried out landing operations in the Anbar desert in Rutba and Wadi Horan,” a statement by Iraq’s security forces said. https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/932d8f7a-6694-4b82-ad57-097c5ad4219a