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1/21/2020 WaPo More US troops have left Iraq for medical treatment after Iranian missile attack More U.S. service members have been transported out of Iraq for medical treatment and evaluations following Iran's missile attack, the Pentagon said Tuesday, nearly two weeks after President Donald Trump and defense officials said no one was hurt. The Pentagon said Friday that the military had transported 11 service members out of Iraq for treatment and assessments. U.S. military officials declined to say on Tuesday how many more are receiving care but said "additional" troops had been sent to Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. https://www.stripes.com/news/middle-east/report-more-us-troops-have-left-iraq-for-medical-treatment-after-iranian-missile-attack-1.615679
1/21/2020 BasNews Rocket Attack on US Embassy -Iraqi Forces Find Launchpad Baghdad Operations Command announced on Tuesday that the security forces had found the launchpad from which rockets were fired at the US embassy overnight on Monday. At least three rockets fell inside Baghdad's Green Zone on Monday night, one of which landed near the US embassy, with the Iraqi authorities deciding to begin investigations into the incident. http://www.basnews.com/index.php/en/news/iraq/576063?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=8e0f072d0fb53efbd2358c1bc1185d86e32d4a47-1579649690-0-AekBaMw95arS3Cw4id8n_rqRyNLz25nIhsOpFPmPn2sOA7DOvFG-LejZ75XPqQ4UWlVs8FE21oEt9Y_a5sf3iwixz1hdu58cvCbnav3VCwaEdJrnKgGPCiuOg5Lcs-wLmASdUnLxwgwbDuPDunD5Etfb0f2D2uAZENNuV9HlFy8cUiB28leSuEAokYOlIVgfZlRZNSEBwO9BvrNSx-Mbe4M_qUgxv1mEkwZreHqlAItmBqbQG_nrIFhbDvSg18IOb9tfHCOsdmIwmOaTB2y_Vlpvsux-bjpEnClYQy90oWMU
1/20/2020 AfghanistanTimes Mystery surrounds US-Taliban peace negotiations Eleventh round of Taliban-US negotiations have been propounded by a plethora of speculations about whether an imminent deal between the warring sides will honour a cessation of fighting or its reduction – as there are mixed sets of opinions about both scenarios. An Associated Press report has been doing rounds that the Taliban had put forward a ceasefire plan to Americans, a claim the militant faction has rebuffed and instead offered a blueprint to reduce violence – which has met with strong opposition by Kabul. http://www.afghanistantimes.af/mystery-surrounds-us-taliban-peace-negotiations/
1/20/2020 AfghanistanTimes Militants who killed six family members shot dead At least three Taliban militants, who gunned downed six members of a family in Andkhoy district of northern Faryab province, have been shot dead by the Afghan security forces, local officials confirmed on Monday. Provincial Police Spokesman, Abdul Karim Yorush said the militants have been killed in a preplan operation conducted by the security forces, where four other insurgents were received injuries. http://www.afghanistantimes.af/militants-who-killed-six-family-members-shot-dead/
1/20/2020 UPI Violence in Iraq escalates, U.N. official calls for protection Violence escalated in Baghdad overnight Sunday and early Monday as anti-government protests continued, and a United Nations official called for an end to the violence. At least two demonstrators were killed, according to reports. The Iraqi government had not confirmed the deaths. https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2020/01/20/Violence-in-Iraq-escalates-UN-official-calls-for-protection/9381579542519/?sl=1&ur3=1
1/20/2020 BNA Two Taliban Key Commanders with Four Colleagues Killed Two Taliban senior commanders were killed with his four colleagues in Afghan security forces raid in Helmand last night. The Taliban were suppressed on their strongholds in suburb of Garmsir district bazaar. Taliban military in charge in Helmand Sader Ibrahim and Hayatullah known Haji leader of Taliban restraint network were among the dead. http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/security/item/41920-two-taliban-key-commanders-with-four-colleagues-killed.html
1/20/2020 AfghanistanTimes Violence Mounts amidst Peace Process Since the National Unity Government (NUG) consisted under Mohammad Ashraf Ghani presidency in 2014, the Afghanistan’s war goes up the highest peak. Taliban increased its control over the vast land of Afghanistan, where the war extended to larger cities, collapsed some of them by Taliban. Kunduz province, in the north of Afghanistan, for the first time, falls into the hands of Taliban on September 28 2015. http://www.afghanistantimes.af/violence-mounts-amidst-peace-process/
1/20/2020 Reuters Three rockets fall inside Baghdad's Green Zone, no casualties Three Katyusha rockets fell on Tuesday inside Baghdad’s Green Zone which houses government buildings and foreign missions, Iraqi police sources told Reuters. The three rockets were launched from Zafaraniyah district outside Baghdad, the sources said, adding that two rockets landed near the U.S. embassy. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-iraq-security-rockets/three-rockets-fall-inside-baghdads-green-zone-no-casualties-sources-idUSKBN1ZJ29M?feedType=RSS&feedName=worldNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Reuters%2FworldNews+%28Reuters+World+News%29&&rpc=401
1/19/2020 TheNational Deadly clashes in Iraq as protest movement is revived in Baghdad and Najaf Confrontations between security forces and protesters wounded dozens in Baghdad and southern Iraq on Sunday as anti-government demonstrations enter a third month. Security forces attacked protesters with live ammunition and tear gas as protesters blocked Tayran Square in central Baghdad and vital roads and bridges in the southern city of Dhi Qar, local media reported. https://www.thenational.ae/world/mena/deadly-clashes-in-iraq-as-protest-movement-is-revived-in-baghdad-and-najaf-1.966211
1/19/2020 Kurdistan24 Protests escalate in Baghdad as Basra joins calls to block roads connecting to capital Clashes resumed between protesters and security forces in Baghdad on Sunday morning, while demonstrations in Basra joined a deadline set by those in Nasiriyah for political forces, stating that unless their demands are met, they would cut off major roads linking their areas with the capital. Local activists told Kurdistan 24 that early on Sunday, riot police attempted to storm Tahrir Square, the central gathering space of demonstrators in Baghdad, but the protesters prevented this and burned several tires. Following this, witnesses reported shootings of live rounds in the al-Tayaran Square, a short distance east of Tahrir, with claims of injuries among protesters. https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/8ffe52be-de4e-4164-a06b-d45c82ecda16