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6/2/2020 Reuters Suicide bomber injures at least three in Kabul mosque compound A suicide bomber blew himself up inside a large mosque compound near a high-security diplomatic district in Kabul on Tuesday, government officials said, adding that at least three people were injured in the blast. No group immediately claimed responsibility for the blast, which took place near homes and offices belonging to dozens of international organisations and embassies. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-afghanistan-blast/loud-explosion-heard-in-diplomatic-district-of-kabul-police-idUSKBN23924T?feedType=RSS&feedName=worldNews&utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+Reuters%2FworldNews+%28Reuters+World+News%29&&rpc=401
6/1/2020 Kurdistan24 Iraq records 260 new COVID-19 cases, ten deaths in 24 hours On Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Health and Environment said it had recorded 260 new coronavirus cases and ten deaths due to the virus over the past 24 hours across the country, including the Kurdistan Region. A ministry statement said that 5,381 individuals were tested for the disease across Iraqi provinces outside the Kurdistan Region, bringing the total number of tests since the infection first came into the country in late February to 227,756. https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/6077e177-49ce-47a9-933e-f5ac26591ab5
6/1/2020 Kurdistan24 Kurdistan reports all-time high 104 new COVID-19 infections The Kurdistan Region's health ministry on Sunday announced 104 new coronavirus infections over the previous 24 hours, the highest daily count since the virus first crossed into the region's borders. https://www.kurdistan24.net/en/news/e8d29081-c5d1-423d-8f78-04edc1b495db
6/1/2020 mehrnews Iraq captures 12 terrorist suspects in suburb of Samarra Iraqi Army and Federal Police forces managed to arrest 12 terrorist suspects during an operation against ISIL on the outskirts of Samarra. Extensive operations were carried out by the Iraqi Army and Federal Police against ISIL positions around Samarra, according to a statement released by Iraq’s Army. https://en.mehrnews.com/news/159308/Iraq-captures-12-terrorist-suspects-in-suburb-of-Samarra
6/1/2020 ShafaqNews Explosion kills Iraqi soldiers near Erbil Two Iraqi soldiers were killed on Monday, by an explosion in Makhmour district in Nineveh Governorate near Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan Region. A roadside bomb exploded on a vehicle of the 14th Commando Regiment while searching Kraw Mount area within Makhmour, A security media cell statement reported to Shafaq News Agency. The cell added that the bombing caused "the death of two fighters and the injury of two others." https://www.shafaaq.com/en/iraq-news/explosion-kills-iraqi-soldiers-near-erbil/
6/1/2020 Stripes Infiltrator who killed two US service members in insider attack released from Afghan prison An infiltrator who killed two U.S. officers in one of the Afghan War’s highest-profile insider attacks has walked free from a Parwan province prison, Afghan officials said Monday. Abdul Saboor, who killed Air Force Lt. Col. John Darin Loftis and Army Maj. Robert Marchanti II in 2012, had been sentenced to 20 years in prison but was set free Friday after four years of time served, officials said. https://www.stripes.com/news/middle-east/infiltrator-who-killed-two-us-service-members-in-insider-attack-released-from-afghan-prison-1.631991
6/1/2020 BNA Taliban Released 45 Soldiers from their Prison in Baghlan Taliban released 45 soldiers from their prison in Baghlan. Nazir Najem spokesman for Baghlan governor told BNA, the soldiers are belonged to national police and local police and have been captive by the Taliban for several months. http://www.bakhtarnews.com.af/eng/security/item/43062-taliban-released-45-soldiers-from-their-prison-in-baghlan.html
6/1/2020 VOA COVID-19 Infections Rise 684% in Afghanistan COVID-19 infections in Afghanistan rose by 684% in May, the International Rescue Committee said in a statement Monday. “The country's extremely low testing capacity means many more are going untested and undetected,” according to the Committee. Millions of Afghans were already facing food insecurity after decades of conflict and now the economic strain of the COVID pandemic “leaves Afghanistan on the brink of a humanitarian disaster,” IRC said. https://www.voanews.com/covid-19-pandemic/covid-19-infections-rise-684-afghanistan
6/1/2020 Time Defying Trump's Landmark Peace Deal, Taliban Continues to Back Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, UN Report Says The U.S. went to war in Afghanistan with one goal in mind: ridding the country of the threat of al-Qaeda just weeks after the group killed nearly 3,000 people in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Now, after nearly 20 years of fighting in which more than 3,500 American and coalition lives have been lost, President Donald Trump is pushing to withdraw U.S. forces on the back of a wobbly peace deal signed with the Taliban. But a U.N. report released on Monday shows the Islamist militant group has failed to fulfill one of the central tenets of the agreement – that it would break ties with al-Qaeda – undermining Trump’s biggest foreign policy win as he seeks re-election in November. https://time.com/5844865/afghanistan-peace-deal-taliban-al-qaeda/
5/30/2020 Al-Monitor Iraq registers dramatic jump in COVID-19 cases Iraq registered more than 400 positive COVID-19 tests today, its highest ever total in a single day. The Iraqi Health Ministry reported 416 infections today. The number included a whopping 265 in the capital, Baghdad. There were other cases in the south, the Kurdistan Region and throughout the country, according to the ministry. https://www.al-monitor.com/pulse/originals/2020/05/iraq-highest-number-coronavirus-cases-day.html